We're good at what we do – and we have the skills and knowledge that enable us to do your job well. We're smart at work delivering the best work possible.


We work very diligently to personalize each and every project. We know that your business is a direct reflection of you and what you want to see.


We're working together and helping each other. We provide economic, social and cultural benefits for our members that they often wouldn't be able to get otherwise.


We are sensitive to our customer's needs. We stress on transparency, clarity and healthy communication. We complete the task that fulfil our customer needs.

Our Concern

Express || Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals, is a leading staffing provider in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Every day, we help job seekers find work and help businesses find qualified employees.

Dairy Queen Franchising

Dairy Queen® franchisees have been focused on creating positive memories for all who touch DQ® products for many years. Unlike any other quick-service brand, DQ® food and treats hold a special place in the hearts of fans of all ages, from all around the globe. That’s why DQ® fans have always been our top priority and why we continue to look for new ways to surprise and delight them.

ExpoPort || Connect The Ports

ExpoPort is well-positioned company as an industry leader in the Canadian marketplace. We are in a strong market position, but we are ultimately aiming higher. It was built with equal parts of integrity and sweat equity. We ensure a safe, healthy work environment and a 'zero injury' culture.

You Win || A Real Estate Marketplace

Tempted to skip the real estate agent, save the commission, and sell or buy your residential home or commercial place yourself? When you took this type of decision, "You Win" is the perfect place for you. This real estate selling and buying marketplace will be a great way to save thousands of dollars. This is an online platform with no commission that connects realtors, brokers, and property managers with their customers.

Binary Digit || Complete Web Solution

Binary Digit Solution, is one of the best software development and networking service provider in Toronto. We empower our clients with award winning development and technical teams to innovate and build great software products and network infrastructure. This is the power that is now yours.

We Spiders || Connecting People

Want to start a business but in need of ideas? No problem, WE SPIDERS will help you to reach your goal. Here you can get the list of great business ideas, business plan and strategy and these suggestions should give you somewhere to start. WE SPIDERS will also help you to find a list of great business proposal, marketing plan, strategy, accounting and financial statements etc. It all starts with an idea that has room to grow over time.

Fire || Online Fashion Store

Fire is an excellent place to shop for men's and women's jackets. Whether people looking for something casual and sporty, stylish fits with wallet-friendly prices to wear everyday or a more formal look, Fire has covered them. So explore our website and have a happy shopping experience.


Dear All,

Welcome To Mostofa Haque & Associates

The finance industry has seen rapid changes in the business environment, mainly driven by digitalization, the declining birth rate and aging population in Canada, and enhanced global regulations. Mostofa Haque & Associates is committed to taking the firm to greater heights in order to deliver consistent growth under the changing environment. We will focus efforts on growing our business, earning society's trust and ensuring employee satisfaction.

To grow our business, we will increase productivity of existing businesses as well as expand into new areas. We will also work to ensure the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our clients are met, by expanding the scope of our business from public-side and private-side services.

As we actively pursue new areas of business, we remain committed to our enduring mission to enrich society through our expertise in the capital markets. We will strengthen our initiatives while placing continued emphasis on earning society's trust and ensuring our people are happy and fulfilled. We believe that helping to create a sustainable world through our business will lead to further business growth. By taking advantage of our Associate's collective expertise and strengths, we will expand into new digital areas in light of structural changes to society and the economy.

A critical part of my vision for the firm is making sure that our people are happy and excited about what they do, and that we build a company that family and friends can be proud of. We aim to be a IT, financial and local services group that society needs and our clients trust. We look forward to your continued support.

Mostofa Haque

Managing Director,   Mostofa Haque & Associates

Our Core Services